Our bodies rely on hormones to control our growth and support a variety of things, like digestion, brain function, sleep, and sexual stamina. Oftentimes, changes in the body can cause symptoms that can dramatically impact these things. At Dr. Linda Sodoma Aesthetics and Gynecology, Dr. Linda Sodoma aims to help her Mesa, Tempe, and Scottsdale, AZ patients regulate their hormones with hormone therapy. Some common symptoms that hormone therapy can treat include:

  • Menopause symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Mood swings
  • Low sex drive
  • Insomnia

At her Gilbert, AZ office, Dr. Sodoma uses bioidentical pellets to manage hormones and even help with symptoms of menopause. For more information on how hormone therapy can help you control your hormones, schedule a consultation today.

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What Are the Benefits of Hormone Therapy?

At Dr. Linda Sodoma Aesthetics and Gynecology, hormone replacement therapy is an optimal treatment to help balance your hormones, elevate your mental state, and boost your sex drive. Perks of this hormone therapy at our Gilbert, AZ facility include:

  • Improving sexual performance and libido
  • Diminishing or stopping hair loss
  • Boosting overall energy
  • Reducing body fat and creating lean muscle
  • Hormones are biochemically the same as those created by the body
  • Improving mental clarity and focus
  • Bettering how you feel and diminishing mood swings
  • Treating the signs of menopause
  • Enhancing quality of sleep

Hormone replacement therapy is normally provided at Dr. Linda Sodoma Aesthetics and Gynecology to assist women dealing with low or imbalanced amounts of hormones. Typically, these concerns are widespread among people aged 40 or older and notice alterations in their mood, libido, weight, and brain clarity. These issues may also be seen in women over 50 who have undergone a total hysterectomy. A hormonal imbalance can lead to numerous medical concerns, like sexual dysfunction, thyroid disorders, elevated cholesterol levels, night perspiration, sleeping troubles, and trouble with memory.

During a one-on-one consultation, Dr. Sodoma will review your symptoms, as well as perform a blood test. This will help us determine what hormones are out of balance and how we can best help you. With this information in hand, we can create a custom treatment plan that will help us restore your hormone levels so you can experience overall wellness. Once we establish what hormones are needed, we can insert a tiny bioidentical pellet — about the size of a grain of rice — under your skin. This pellet will slowly release bioidentical hormones, which are created from plant sources and are identical to the natural hormones found in the body. You should notice a difference almost right away, but it can take some time to find just the right dosage for your particular needs.

Considering that BHRT is a highly customized therapy, it’s vital to keep up with any follow-up plans provided by Dr. Sodoma or a skilled team member. Individuals could possibly encounter discomfort, skin breakouts, hair thickening, and moodiness as the body alters to the newfound hormone amounts. During your therapy, our team will keep up with you to supervise your progress. Your dosage level and course of treatment can also be tweaked as required. Many patients see beneficial results from hormone therapy over several days after the beginning of their therapy.